‘Emily is a fantastically knowledgeable yoga teacher, who really focuses on you as an individual rather than rolling out a standard class. Can’t wait for my next session.’ Emily P.

Emily specializes in supporting women through their fertility, she has been through the journey herself – a timeline which you can read here. Emily feels incredibly passionate about what a tough time TTC is, how alone you can feel and the lack of community around you. She often gets asked by clients whether a total yoga and wellbeing approach is for them to support their fertility journey, therefore has provided extra detail below. Emily of course can’t guarantee that yoga and wellness support will get you pregnant, however it will make you feel way more connected to your mind and body, will provide you with calming techniques to last a lifetime and ultimately will give you someone to talk to who understands the process and emotion of the journey.


Gentle, relaxing and mindful yoga designed to support you when trying for a baby, or/and if going through fertility treatment. You will be able to enjoy these classes whether you’re experiencing a 3 month pre-conception plan, IVF down regulation injections, IVF stimulation injections, ICSI and implantation. These classes are totally tailored to you and your personal circumstance, therefore are only offered 1:1. Click here to review pricing, format and FAQ.

You may be interested to check out Emily’s Blog, here are two recommended articles:

HOW YOGA CAN BENEFIT YOUR FERTILITY as featured by The Fertility Circle Co.


Ask any questions and book 121 Coaching with Emily

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