‘I liked Emily’s gentle style of teaching and soothing voice. I would say Emily’s yoga classes are suitable for all levels, it was just the right pace for me. Emily has a lovely personality and the classes were very enjoyable. I’m sure anyone can find what they need. Thank you.’ 


With Emily’s expert support, you will restore your body and mind through bespoke 1:1 yoga and meditation.

Free Discovery Session

Yes, this is free! It’s really important that you feel like we’d work well together, there’s no obligation to commit to more than this. This usually 15 minutes, over the phone or on zoom.


For a personally tailored experience, I’ll guide you through the this yoga and wellness experience one-on-one, providing support throughout. All one-to-one classes take place online, so you can be in the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient to you.  These classes are supportive and compassionate, adapt to meet your needs, tap into your emotions and create space in the body. Each signature programme starts with a 15 minute discovery session, followed by a series of 40 minute one-to-one classes. Become more confident and connected by knowing what your body can achieve! Each session will include a check in conversation, yoga asana (posture) practice, breath awareness and relaxation. If the main aim of your practice is stress relief, then relaxation would form a significant part of your lesson. 

Invest in you

We will work together over several weeks, months or years, depending on your aims. By booking regular sessions you should start to feel the physical and mindful benefits of your practice far more than the occasional lesson here and there. It’s all about creating the habit!

Yoga Sequence Pack

Once you buy multiple 1:1 coaching credits you also get a personalised ‘Fertility’ ‘Pregnancy’ or ‘Post-natal’ training pack, tailored to you based on your individual experience and goal. Sharing advice, guidance and a for everyday yoga sequences to last you a life time!

Nutritional Advice and Supplement Plan


My mother in law is an expert nutritional therapist with over 40 years experience, she is currently building a supplement plan for Fertility, Pregnancy and Post-natal clients

I’ve recently signed up to Emily’s online 1:1 pregnancy yoga classes and have thoroughly enjoyed them – she makes you feel so calm and supported. The flows have been perfect to alleviate aches and pains – thank you!


Connect with Emily to book a free discovery session

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