Do you have a knowing that you’ll be a mum? Hold on for the ride – let’s get personal.  Emily truly understands what you’re going through, she’ll support and provide guidance during a woman’s journey to conception, naturally and via IVF. A sold pillar of hope.

Emily feels incredibly passionate about what a tough time trying to conceive is. These classes will make you feel way more connected to your mind and body, will provide you with calming techniques to last a lifetime. They’re totally tailored to you and your personal circumstance, whether you’re experiencing a 3 month pre-conception plan, IVF down regulation injections, IVF stimulation injections, ICSI and implantation.


Congratulations on your pregnancy!  A nourishing and informative class for all trimesters, and it is bespoke for you. You’ll alleviate aches and pains, work towards a positive birth experience and connect with your baby.  We practice breath work, visualizations and affirmations.

Emily is trained to support clients in their first trimester or with contraindications, therefore don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns or questions.


Amazing, you’ve had a baby! It’s time for you to focus on you. This is a progressive physical and mindful post-natal recovery, a renew and relaxation class. You can, of course, have your baby join you but I recommend you invest this 40 minute class just for you. Nourishing your mind and body.

Emily is trained to support clients with birth recovery and complications too, therefore don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns

‘Thank you so much for the class today Emily! I was struggling to reconnect with my body but your class was a great opportunity for that! Looking forward to the next one.’ 

— Betina

‘Emily, thank you for the past 6 private yoga classes, I’ve gained so much from them.  The sun has been shining each time for your online classes…it’s been wonderful and really set me up for the day.’’ 


Group Pregnancy Yoga Classes – Online and Live on Zoom

Every Tuesday at 7:20pm, for 40 mins

Beginner level

TO BOOK contact Emily, she’ll then send you over the zoom link and details

In person Fertility Support Group


I found going through fertility treatment one of the loneliest times of my life. This will be a Bristol based support group for women who have been through, or are going through fertility struggles.

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