Are you a super organising individual? Like being in control? Well, get ready to throw that out the window. Here is my timeline on from when I went off the pill, to when we first met the GP to ask for guidance and ultimately to the birth of our baby boy. 

Essentially it’s my timeline diary, I hope it provides some guidance and clarity to those about to embark on such a journey, my heart is with you. This is a long down regulation & ICSI journey….

September 2012 | Went of the contraceptive pill

June 2017 | Starting trying to conceive

January 2018 | Started a new job in London, living in Bristol, my next period wasn’t un July 2018.

16/08/18 | Joint NHS appointment

24/08/18 | Blood tests

12/09/18 | First Sperm test, another two followed

05/10/18 | Ultrasound and Blood tests

31/10/18 | Referred to Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine (BCRM) by GP

12/11/18 | Ultrasound, met nurse at BCRM. Told I looked like I had PCOS, AMH was 7.5.

05/12/18 | Told we were eligible for IVF, chances of naturally conceiving was low

17/12/18 | Started taking Clomid x3 months. Booked in for laparoscopy to check for hydrosalpinx.

16/01/19 | Cancelled laparoscopy and asked to go ahead with IVF

06/02/19 | Chose our clinic, BCRM

21/02/19 | Started weekly acupuncture and other lifestyle change

11/03/19 | 1st BCRM, met nurse, had ultrasound and talked through process

18/03/19 | 2nd BCRM, AMH and STI Blood test, group clinic briefing

19/03/19 | Told my AMH had increased to 17.5

06/04/19 | Baseline scan for downregulation

07/04/19 | Start down regulation injections

12/04/19 | Started BCRM talking therapy

03/05/19 | BCRM to check if ready for stimulation injections, postponed due to follicles present.

07/05/19 | BCRM to check if ready for stimulation injections, started.

15/05/19 | Scan & Bloods to check stimulation level

17/05/19  | Scan & Bloods to check stimulation level

18/05/19  | Scan & Bloods to check stimulation level

20/05/19 | Egg collection

Daily calls for update on embryos

25/05/19 | Egg Transfer

10/06/19 | Positive Pregnancy Test

25/06/19 | 7 week scan, no viable pregnancy

29/06/19 | Miscarried

18/08/19 | 1st period, post-miscarriage

19/09/19 | 2nd period

23/10/19 | Positive pregnancy test, naturally conceived

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