Yoga is an ancient practice that understands the body’s energy flow and how the mind can influence the body. It is because of this that it is an ideal form of exercise for pregnant women. Everyone can improve their general health and every woman can learn more about herself and her baby by connecting through yoga. Sometimes women do not know what exercises are safe for them to do throughout various stages of their pregnancy, therefore limit exercise and movement. Particularly if they have struggled to conceive in the past and with this pregnancy – perhaps they’ve been through fertility treatment.  What they need is confidence and support – to have a renewed drive to keep fit and get their body ready for a positive pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Learning and teaching yourself to relax, manage and overcome stress through yoga, build strength and suppleness are essential tools for pregnancy and beyond.

Emotional benefits of yoga for pregnancy:

  • Share feelings and connect with other pregnant women
  • Reduce anxiety or stress around impending motherhood
  • Practice being present and being mindful 
  • Relax the body and activate the parasympathetic nervous system 
  • Take yogic techniques learnt in class to your day to day life 
  • Making friends and meet likeminded women
  • Making time to connect with baby, especially if you have multiple children
  • Increase courage and positivity

Physical benefits of yoga for pregnancy:

  • Full body awareness and connection
  • Improve sleep by enhancing relaxation and relieving aches
  • Increase lunge capacity through stretching
  • Release tension in lower back, shoulder’s, and the neck area
  • Strengthen and bring awareness to your pelvic floor
  • Create space for baby to grow 
  • Improve circulation to the reproductive organs 
  • Strength focused postures with mindful movement 

I know what you are going through, the joy and worry that comes with experiencing a pregnancy. I aim in my pregnancy yoga classes for them to be friendly, energizing and revitalizing, which adapt to meet your needs rather than to force the body and work against the goal of growing a healthy baby – feel grounded in your body again! Yoga that works to optimize each trimester in a safe, focused, and effective way.  You’ll get to know your mind and body better and let go of whatever is holding you back.  Explore yoga poses you should do throughout each trimester, build strength, soften the space to grow baby, learn breathing techniques and prepare for a positive birth. Open any emotional blocks, cope with any stress or anxiety, relieve any aches and pains. Ultimately, to embrace the amazing journey of pregnancy!

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