I expected that if I worked really hard in every aspect of my life, then things would work out in the end and I’d achieve what I wanted – from career, to fitness to personal goals. However, it doesn’t necessarily work like that with fertility! Nevertheless, there are some simply lifestyle changes that you can make that are medically and mindfully proven to boost your fertility.

I recommend these from personal experience. I made these changes in December 2018, +18 months after trying to conceive – in advance of IVF treatment. These changes ran over a 6 months period, our ‘preconception’ plan. It’s worth noting that my Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) a key measure for female fertility increased from 7.5 to 17.5 in this 6 months period.  The nurses were blown away! My husband’s sperm morphology, volume and count also improved.


  • No hot yoga (I loved hot yoga). There’s a reason why woman going through menopause, and teenage girls, aren’t encouraged to do hot yoga.
  • 30 minutes of daily meditation – 10 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening (I used
  • 30 minutes of daily yoga for fertility (please get in touch for a 121 fertility yoga class)
  • Reduced contact hours at work, or even change your job to reduce stress.
  • Weekly 5 Elements Acupuncture. I did this after my miscarriage, it is a whole energetic approach to acupuncture rather than treating one issue e.g. fertility.
  • Listened to the podcast ‘Let’s talk Fertility’ with Izzy Judd, the ‘Long Road to Baby‘ with Sophie Sulehria and ‘The Fertility Podcast‘ with Natalie Silverman, they really resonated with me and give great advice.
  • Read all of Emma Cannon’s books, the ‘Baby Making Bible’ was my favourite, she recommends some key fertility life and diet changes too.
  • Downloaded the ‘Flo’ app to track everything about my fertility, so I knew my cycle really well.

Both you and your partner

  • Weight and high intensity exercises minimum 3 times a week
  • Slept more, minimum 8 hours a night. In bed by 9:30pm!
  • No alcohol, there are some great non-alcohol alternatives out there! Or limit to max 4 units a week, no booze during treatment.
  • Took supplements (we took Zita West
  • Ate mainly organic foods, with less plastic ( were local to us)
  • Cooked from scratch – 3 meals a day. Always making packed lunches and smoothies for breakfast. Only used glass containers for lunch, no store bought lunches.
  • Cut caffeine intake to one cup a day of tea or coffee.

I never liked when friends and family said ‘fingers crossed’ or ‘good luck’ , so all I’ll say is that I’m thinking of you and I’m sending so much love and hope your way.

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