This post was featured as an article for The Fertility Circle.

Yoga is an ancient practice that understands the body’s energy flow and how the mind can influence the body. It is because of this that it’s ideal form of exercise for women who are trying to conceive. Everyone can improve their general health and every woman can learn more about herself by connecting through yoga. Sometimes women spend years trying to get pregnant and simultaneously don’t move on with their lives, without realizing one is impacting the other. What they need is purpose – to give them a renewed drive for life. Learning and teaching yourself to relax, manage and overcome stress through yoga, is an essential tool for life.

The benefits of yoga for fertility:

  • Prepare your body and mind for conceiving a baby 
  • Restorative postures with a gentle flow 
  • Practice being present and being mindful 
  • Improve circulation to the reproductive organs 
  • Tap into our emotions 
  • Create a space for baby to go 
  • Deep rest that we don’t engage in on a daily basis 
  • Relax the body and activate the parasympathetic nervous system 
  • Let’s your emotions surface, rather than surprise them 
  • Take yogic techniques learnt in class to your day to day life 
  • Feel more connected and confident in know what their body can achieve
  • Recognise that your body hasn’t failed you

I know what you’re going through. I aim in my fertility yoga classes for them to be compassionate, supportive and nourishing, which adapt to meet your needs rather than to force the body and work against the goal of conception – feel powerful in your body again! Yoga that works to optimize each phase of the menstrual cycle and harmonise the natural rhythms of the body.  You’ll get to know your mind and body better and let go of whatever is holding you back.  Explore yoga poses you should do through the stages of IVF, fertility journey, your cycle and chakras. Opening emotional blocks, stress/lifestyle changes, quieten our minds to find happiness or letting go if you’ve suffered a miscarriage.

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