Why practice yoga at home? Reflect on how much time you spend commuting and travelling, it’s huge. You can easily, and affordably, create a space to truly connect with your mind and body and zone out at home, saving you a huge amount of time and money. I created a ‘wellness space’ in my home whilst going through fertility treatment, this was invaluable as I was getting home from work very late and commuting a lot. When I got home I’d go into my physical home ‘zen’ space to move, relax and connect. So I really wanted to share some tips and advice on how you can create such a space in your home.

ENVIRONMENT – your 5 senses

Sight | Lighting is really key, so perhaps just turn on a side lamp, and declutter as best as you can – I know that is easier said than done for those with little ones!

Sound | Have your favourite artist or playlist playing in the background, equally silence can be just as wonderful.

Smell | Pop some essential oils on your mat when you start, or spritz your favourite room spray – I love lavender.

Touch | Soften the hands when you start and always go barefoot so you can spread the toes, it keeps you grounded.

Taste | Have class of water nearby to stay hydrated throughout your practice.

PROPS – in order of ‘importance’

Mat | The price you want to spend varies massively here but is an essential yogi purchase and lasts a lifetime. Click here to buy the one Emily uses, if you want to something more affordable Emily practices with this one too, often outdoors Click here.

Bricks | Essential for beginner and pregnancy yoga as it gives you a lift to align the body better. Click here to buy the one Emily uses.

Blanket or Thick scarf | So many purposes – to stay warm, to sit comfortably, to pad the knees if you’re on a hard floor etc. Click here to buy the one Emily uses.

Cushions | Supports you in a comfortable seated position, great for meditation and seated stretches – really key when you’re in savasana during your second and third trimester. A couple of scatter or lounge cushions suit just fine!

Bolster | Allows you to practice more restorative yoga poses and supports the body, particularly for Fertility Yoga. Click here to buy the one Emily uses.

Blocks | Gives you a lift in meditative poses and when seated if you’ve got tight hips. Click here to buy the one Emily uses.

Belt or Light weight scarf | Great for beginners yoga during a hamstring stretch. Click here to buy the one Emily uses.

Eye pillow | Assists you in zoning out during savasana. Also, if you buy a couple you can place them in the palms of your hands when relaxing, which can be super grounding. Click here to buy the one Emily uses.

Large exercise ball | Optional, used in Pregnancy Yoga. Click here to buy the one Emily uses.

Small exercise ball | Optional, used in Post-natal Yoga. Click here to buy the one Emily uses.


Joining an online yoga class? All you need is decent wifi and a tablet where you can focus in on the teacher. Equally, if you’re watching something pre-recorded just prop up your phone and move through the poses – enjoy!

Join one of Emily’s online and live yoga classes, practice in the comfort of your own home

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