Emily is currently on maternity leave, her 121 coaching starts again Oct/Nov 2020

‘I attended individual and group yoga sessions with Emily. I loved her gentle but potent style and it was like no other yoga I have experienced. It put me in touch with my body and my emotions and gave me a feeling of well-being. I like the fact she uses soothing music to enhance the experience.  Thank you Emily’Jane M.

Private coaching is particularly recommended for clients who are going through Fertility challenges and treatment, are in their first 12 weeks of pregnancy, have Pregnancy contraindications/are new to yoga or need post-natal recovery. Emily is a caring and empathetic sounding board, providing supportive advice based on her own experience. Emily understands that there is not a one size fits all approach to health and well-being, therefore she’ll often encourage complementary therapies too like acupuncture and nutrition, as well as lifestyle changes.


Yes, this is free! It’s really important that you feel like we’d work well together.


For a personally tailored experience, I’ll guide you through the this yoga and wellness experience one-on-one, providing support throughout. All one-to-one classes take place online, whilst you’re in the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient to you.  These classes are totally tailored to you – they’re supportive and compassionate, adapt to meet your needs, tap into your emotions and create space in the body. Each signature programme starts with a free 30 minute discovery session, for multiple class packs, followed by a series of 40 minute one-to-one classes. You’ll also get a personalised training pack – with wellness advice and yoga sequences, become more confident and connected by knowing what your body can achieve!


How do I book? All private and group yoga classes are online and live practiced in the comfort of your own home – it is super simple! Please get in touch to book a free phone consultation for private coaching, or request a link to one of the group zoom online classes. Book here.

How do I get started? After an initial no-obligation free 15 minute phone consultation, we can arrange an initial lesson and from there if you would like further lessons, a bespoke programme will be designed for you.  We will work together over several weeks or months, depending on your aims. Block booking is more cost-effective than pay-as-you go sessions.  Also, with regular sessions you should start to feel the physical and mindful benefits of your practice far more than the occasional lesson here and there.

How long is a one-to-one lesson? Private classes typically last 40 minutes.

What can I expect during a lesson? Each lesson will include a check in conversation, yoga asana (posture) practice, breath awareness and relaxation. If the main aim of your practice is stress relief, then relaxation would form a significant part of your lesson.  I can also design a tailored class to suit your needs.

Costs and Policy

  • 1 Session                 £40.00 – Buy Here
  • Pack of 4            £140.00 (£35.00 per session) – Buy Here
  • Pack of 8          £240 (£30.00 per session) – Buy Here

*30 minute free discovery class with every class pack, not a single session. Payment in advance is required to confirm your session(s) and operate a 24 hour cancellation policy. Multiple class packs do have a timing allowance.


Once you buy multiple 121 coaching credits you also get a personalised ‘Fertility’ ‘Pregnancy’ or ‘Post-natal’ training pack, tailored to you based on your individual experience and goal. Sharing advice, guidance and a four everyday yoga sequences to last you a life time! Part of the group yoga class? You can also purchase your own pack, buy below and I’ll send it straight over, a week after purchasing the pack we’ll book in an optional 121 brief catch up where you can ask any questions:

Buy a Beginner Yoga Sequence and Information Pack (£30.00)

Buy a Fertility, Pregnancy or Post-natal Yoga Sequence Information Pack (£40.00)

Enquire about 1:1 Coaching

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