Meet Emily

With over 10 year’s experience teaching yoga, Emily has become a leading women’s yoga expert, she lives in Bristol with her husband and two children. She has been on her own fertility journey, going through IVF/ICSI and a miscarriage, after four years of trying to conceive. Daily yoga and meditation enormously helped her through this, now, Emily is on a mission to share the benefits and power of yoga for female health.

Emily’s unique blend of classic and contemporary yoga teaching has been tried and tested for decades. She is a +300 hour registered yoga teacher, a qualified Project Manager, with a Bachelor of Science from Loughborough University

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Finding Yourself

My mother gave me my first yoga dvd when I was 10 years old, my first lesson was the power of combining movement with breath. Later on, I learnt the importance of stillness. I would like to share with you what I’ve learnt. I’ll support you with building yoga and mediation into the busy world that we live in, embedding a YOU focused habit into your daily life.

Yoga isn’t just an exercise. Yoga and meditation are scientific, a practice that changes the way you move, to change the way you feel. It works for everyone and everything. It’s hard to know what movement is safe to do when you’re trying for a baby, during pregnancy or recovering postnatally, this is where I come in! The benefit of 1:1 yoga classes are that they are totally tailored to you, allowing you to move in a super safe way benefiting your mind and body.

I attended individual sessions with Emily. I loved her gentle but potent style and it was like no other yoga I have experienced. It put me in touch with my body and my emotions and gave me a feeling of well-being. I like the fact she uses soothing music to enhance the experience.  Thank you Emily’